Farmer’s Almanac: A Year of Extremes

According to the philomaths (lovers of learning) at the Almanac, the winter of 2014-2015 is going to include lots of shoveling and shivering.

Winter: Love it or Hate it

We asked area residents how they feel about winter

Winter: Test Your Knowledge

Next time you are at a gathering, break out these winter fun facts to amuse your family and friends

It’s a Wonderful Life — in Seneca Falls

Visit the town thought to be the inspiration for Frank Capra’s classic movieMyth Busting

Cabin Fever Remedies

Region is rich in wintertime activities

Polar Plunge Season

Polar plunges test courage, drum up needed funds

NYS Farm Show Turns 300

If you want to experience a new winter sport, why not try skijoring? Skijor Now, a leading sport organization in Shoreview, Minn., describes skijoring as “cross country skiing [combined with] dog mushing.”


Great Eastern Whiteout

Thousands converge on snowmobile event that puts Fulton on the map for hot winter activities

Win Your Next Snowball Fight

Tips and tricks about the age-old winter activiity

Winter Geocaching

Think of treasure hunting: This outdoor activity has a loyal following worldwide and presents some challenges in the winter

How to Entertain — Your Pets

Make sure your furry friends are comfortable this snowy season

Bored? Try Board Games

Family game night is back during the winter season.